Like to dance and you are to Latin rhythms, Partybands just what you've been looking for. The six musicians from Copenhagen and Odense, has for nearly two decades on the stages, managed to thrill audiences with their unique Latin-drive.

One does not need to be born Latino dancer to be swallowed up by the music, which is a mixture of own events, songs and rhythms from all over Latin America. Partybands manages to blend the traditional in a modern pop / rock sound.

Partybands originated in 1991 under the then midtfyns festival. Probably influenced by the Mexican national drink, got a bunch of young guys success with their loved guitar music. This was the beginning of a long musical friendship, which still exists in 2010.

Over the years, TLB. scattered Latin vibe by countless concerts at festivals, clubs, cafes and festivals at home and abroad. 10 consecutive years at the Skanderborg Festival, demonstrates the band's ability to create a party.

As developed into a TLB page project for the band members, each of which different musical searched routes. The friendship was not changed, and there was still held individual annual concerts.

In 2008, total Adan "troops". Jan, the "old" bassist and Donato came to. The goal was to redefine the TLB and create a new musical expression.

Adan Torres: guitar, lead voc.
Yannik Hartig: drums, voc.
Mick Cordero: piano, keyboard, voc.
Donato Achenza: percussion, voc.
Jan Hoffmann: bass, voc.
Brother Bødtkerness: congas, bongo

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