Solister church concert

From many years ha 'sung in a variety of orchestras - including the acclaimed vocal group Vocapella jumps Solister now appears as singer with something to say in deep and this songs.

"The sun's kiss"

Solister is an extremely empathetic and gracious singer. She has a good presence and nuanced timbre and a large registry as well as a very fine pronunciation, which beautifully characterize the performance of text In both speech and song. The concert was marked by one exciting repertoire that showed the breadth of her warm and expressive musicality "
(opinion: Etta Cameron and Cecilie Norby)

The songs and music written by Solister, based on a constant search for love and its intricate ways.

Songs about the presence there hopefully is between the people we love dearly and lack of presence when we do not meet.

A dip into love's strange creature on good and evil. From the sofa's green buttons in the "Out of the blue" for we are the "world roof" and viewer world from a somewhat different perspective.

The music lends itself to ecclesiastical spaces, intimate café atmosphere, village halls and festivals and can ledesages of a story of going from light to dark. A story written specifically for these songs.

The songs have become based on a sing-songwriter tradition.
And moving from jazz world over light touch of blues, gospel, samba and pop. On stage Tine three lovely musicians.

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